About Us

Serenity Canine Academy was born out of love, passion and perseverance.

Several years ago, we started to volunteer as foster carers. Through fostering, we learned a shocking fact that each year, in Australia alone, over 250,000 pets lost their home and many dogs lost their home because of 'behavioural issues'. This is really sad as many of these behavioural issues are not so severe and can be worked on.

All our dogs have previously lost their homes because of one reason or another. Some of the problems they came with were quite severe and through love and perseverance, we now have an enviable dog/owner relationships and also dogs that we can take anywhere dogs are allowed.

Through Serenity Canine Academy, we hope to better dog and owner relationships thus create a sense of serenity in your home.

About our Dogs

About Our Dogs Commander Spock was not 12 weeks old yet when he came to be a part of our family. The following few weeks, we saw a vet and canine behaviourist when we were getting his vaccinations and desexing done. We found out that he had fear aggression issues towards people and dogs. We were advised to either put him to sleep due to his aggression or best case scenario is to put him on drugs to calm him down. We were appalled at the advice given to us and will not even consider them unless we really have no other choice.

At about the same time, we started puppy school at Alpha Dog Training.

When Spock was about 18 weeks old, we went back to the same vet to get his stitches removed. He was such a different puppy by then that our vet was convinced that we got ourselves a new dog ?

Of course we still had issues here and there. Raising a well-adjusted, well socialised pup is not as easy as A-B-C. We were very fortunate however to have selected an obedience school with a method that works and provide a long term solution, not just a quick fix. Their support and guidance have been heaven sent for us.

Having to face such a challenge with our puppy, we started to become interested in learning more about obedience training, canine behaviour and workable, real life solutions that do not rely on food as a solution to every problem.

We are still fostering dogs to this day and are aware that one of the reasons dogs lose their homes is undesirable behavioural issues that the owners don't know how to deal with. Sometimes it's something as simple as jumping at everyone, or stealing roast chickens - to a more serious issue such as aggression to people, dogs or both!

After attending as a customer and saw firsthand how effective the Alpha Canine Group method is, we were determined to learn more about the method for the sake of our puppy and hoping that in the future, we will be able to teach this method to more dog owners in a bid to help lessen the number of dogs losing their home due to behavioural issues.

We were very fortunate that at around the same time, Alpha Canine Group offer part-time courses to become a qualified dog trainer. It was as if it was meant to be.

That same period of time, we also welcomed Liberty Belle to the house as our new foster dog. She was dumped in a pound in NSW, had been used as a breeding dog (evident from the shape of her stomach) and to add to the challenge, she's deaf. We were instantly smitten with this sweet girl although we didn't know what we could do training and communication wise with a deaf dog. A couple of weeks into foster care, we found out that she had aggression issues when it comes to food and she was insanely jealous of other dogs coming near a female in the household. She used to just go into attack mode the moment any of the above happened. We love her anyway and adopted her as well.

Another six or so months after the arrival of Liberty Belle, we welcomed Temperance into our family as a foster girl. She was very sweet and gentle and we thought she had no issues until we found out one particular skill she mastered as a 5 or 6 months old puppy. Escape artist. She was fond of scaling our 6 and 7 foot fence and also had absolutely no concept of recall. She would bolt out of any door or gate that was opened just enough to let one person pass.

With the help of all trainers at Alpha Dog Training, we started our journey learning more about canine behaviour, canine rehabilitation, canine obedience training as prevention of possible issues from forming and at the same time we were required to train our dogs to a very high standard where we are able to verbally control our dogs. As part of our hands-on learning, we were also required to handle a minimum of 220 dogs.

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