One on one personalised obedience training

Call us for a no obligation chat. Let us know the issues you are currently having with your dog and find out what we can offer.

One on one personalised obedience training will work not only on the obedience side of training but also manners around the house. Your first session will be up to 1.5 hours long. Each subsequent session will be approximately one hour in length.

Weekly group obedience classes - Puppy School and Adult Obedience Classes

Group classes are conducted every Saturday (excl. long weekends and public holidays) from 10.00 AM at Parkhill Primary School, Ashwood.

Free, no obligation introductory session is also conducted for anyone interested in joining the Academy on the same day, time and place as the group classes. Bring your dog along with you!

Lifestyle themed classes for members

These classes are offered in a relaxed style, away from training ground and will simulate situations you and your dog might be in. Some of the themes offered are Walking Your Dog, Cafe Classes and BBQ Classes. There are different prerequisites for each of the lifestyle themed classes as it will depend on the level of distractions presented during each of the themed class i.e. member and dog team must have passed a certain level to be able to participate.

Session length varies depending on theme. Classes will be pre-scheduled in advance and members must pre-book to reserve their spot as there will only be very limited spots available.

One on one 'Good Manners' session for members

Without good manners in place, any obedience training - even ours - will only be half a success. This session is personalised and will be offered to members only. The session will help you on setting good manners theory that you have learned during class specifically into your household situation. If your dog is still running in and out of gates whenever he pleases, jumps on your visitor or disrespecting any boundaries you have set into place, or you simply are not sure where to start, this is the session for you.

Session length: approximately 1 hour.

Good Manners sessions are available by appointment only.

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