We cannot recommend Serenity highly enough. When we rescued our dog, he was completely unresponsive to us and aggressive towards other dogs. We struggled to even take him out for a walk. Since engaging Serenity to help us out, we have seen a drastic improvement in our relationship with our dog and his behavior in general. The trainers from Serenity genuinely love the work that they do and you can tell that they genuinely care about their clients (both human and dog!). If you are looking for great people and knowledgable trainers to help you out with your fur children, look no further!!! - Penny, St Kilda


The Serenity team have played an integral part helping me train my Shiba Inu, Tako, to be the calm and obedient dog he currently is.

Serenity's methods are gentle, applicable to real life and focussed on building trust and long term solutions. The team of trainers genuinely love dogs and small classes allow the team to truly to get to know me and Tako. I have been to other training schools but found their methods to be ineffective or merely quick fixes that did not work on my wilful, independent dog.

We have been attending group classes regularly for about 10 months and I continue to be surprised and delighted with Tako's progress and abilities. Activities such as nail clipping that used to be a dreaded nightmare with Tako screaming and writhing in my arms is now a breeze and takes next to no time. I can confidently take Tako anywhere such as cafes, friend's homes, outdoor markets and hiking trails.

I always look forward to spend Saturday mornings with Tako and the Serenity team. I cannot recommend them enough! If you are unsure like I was at the start, give them a call and/or attend a Saturday session and let the Serenity team show you how it's done.

I'm so glad I found Serenity, who I think are one of the best trainers in Melbourne. Many thanks to the team for the support and guidance so far, we still have much to work on but I look forward to see how far we can go! - Fay, Mt. Waverley

The Serenity trainers are amazing. They have done and continue to do amazing work training our giant wolfhound to be a well mannered boy we can take anywhere and everywhere. We constantly get compliments from strangers on his good behaviour. Thanks Serenity team! - Cailin, Glen Waverley


The Serenity crew are fantastic!

I have always wanted the best for my family's Toy Cavoodle, Milly, and Serenity would have to be among the best trainers in Melbourne.

Milly was a birthday gift for my wife and the more important part of that gift was that I give her the best obedience training possible.

I have trained with other trainers previously but, unfortunately, found their techniques a bit incomplete and ineffective, a little pointless and not really applicable to real world scenarios.

The obedience training system that Serenity use is a complete one that I can apply with my pup at home and whenever we're out and about - no matter the situation.

Their high ratio of trainers to dogs is really good which means you'll definitely get some personal attention. I also think their Ashwood location is really suitable for training with a variety of different environments and distractions to challenge you.

Training with Serenity has allowed me to take Milly everywhere easily - local sporting events, cafes, work, shopping centres. People are always delighted with how beautifully behaved she is and ask about her. There's no over-excitement, barking or lunging at other people or dogs.

I have always wanted a highly trained, calm and obedient dog and I am achieving this with Serenity.

Milly and I train every weekend at their Ashwood location and would love to see you there! - Minh, Bentleigh East

Thanks for helping me and Sienna get some substantial training in place. She is a much changed dog. No running across roads and under moving cars now. Thank you. - Sally, Elwood