“It's More Than Just Dog Training. It's a Better Lifestyle”

Welcome to Serenity Canine Academy

We offer both Preventative and Rehabilitation Training so not only do we work with the good dogs and dogs that are just a little bit naughty, but also dogs that are displaying more serious undesirable behaviours.

We use positive, reward based training system and train under realistic distractions. Although we mentioned the word 'reward', believe it or not, we do not use food treats to train!

What we do is certainly not magic (although to some people it seems like it is), just clear communication in teaching the dogs obedience combined with good manners. The end result is great dogs that listen to you under distractions and be the pride and joy you can take anywhere.

About us

All Serenity trainers have been where you are and we have most likely experienced what you are experiencing right now. Our dogs came to us with their own individual issues that we’ve worked and/or continuing to work with so they can have a better life. You can see our dogs assist us in group classes or private lessons and they are proof that our training method works. Even on deaf dogs!

We have over 20 years of combined experience handling many dogs of different breeds, shapes and sizes, and helping many owners nurture their dogs be the very best versions of themselves.

There is no magic wand in dog training. It is a journey, and we are with you every step of the way.


  • Group classes for dogs of all ages are on Saturday mornings at Parkhill Primary School, Ashwood.
  • Lifestyle Classes/Serenity Pack Walk events planned throughout the year.
    Please note that these events are accessible to Serenity Canine Academy members and past clients only.
  • Private Sessions are available by appointment only.

Each session that you attend aims to empower you and give you the tools to work with any possible issue you may be facing outside the Academy. This training system require commitment and consistency from owners/handlers and with our guidance, you can see results fairly quickly.

Deciding where to train your dog is a big commitment. We therefore would like to invite you and your dog to attend a Free, no obligation information session as a way to 'try before you buy' or so to speak. You will have an opportunity to:

  • have a look around.
  • have a conversation with our trainers.
  • get to know how we train (whether to rehabilitate, as a prevention or maintenance).
  • what to expect from training with us.
  • meet our current members and have a chat with them if you wish.

To reserve your space to attend the free information session or for further information, please get in touch with us.


The Serenity team have played an integral part helping me train my Shiba Inu, Tako, to be the calm and obedient dog he currently is.

Serenity's methods are gentle, applicable to real life and focussed on building trust and long term solutions. The team of trainers genuinely love dogs and small classes allow the team to truly to get to know me and Tako. I have been to other training schools but found their methods to be ineffective or merely quick fixes that did not work on my wilful, independent dog...

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- Fay Chua

The Serenity crew are fantastic!

I have always wanted the best for my family's Toy Cavoodle, Milly, and Serenity would have to be among the best trainers in Melbourne.

Milly was a birthday gift for my wife and the more important part of that gift was that I give her the best obedience training possible.

I have trained with other trainers previously but, unfortunately, found their techniques a bit incomplete and ineffective, a little pointless and not...

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- Minh Dang

We cannot recommend Serenity highly enough.

When we rescued our dog, he was completely unresponsive to us and aggressive towards other dogs. We struggled to even take him out for a walk.

Since engaging Serenity to help us out, we have seen a drastic improvement in our relationship with our dog and his behavior in general.

The trainers from Serenity genuinely love the work that they do and you can tell that they genuinely care...

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- Penny

Blackie and I weren’t that close as I adopted him only few months ago. To him, I’m a total stranger.

As his size is almost the same size as me, I decided to train him so my life can be much easier. I found Serenity Canine Academy through a friend and I’m very happy of the method they are using. Voice command is actually very powerful method if you using it right.

After 6 private lessons, Blackie and I are getting closer and he is willing to listen to me...

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- Sally Cho

My Molly was not driven by treats and I was tearing out my hair not knowing how to train her.

Serenity turned our lives around and Molly showed her true intelligence just through tone of voice. They have been a God send to us as well as teaching real world behaviors like being able to sit down at a cafe with friends and not worry about your dog acting out.

The pack walks are great for the dogs exploration and behaviour...

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- Erin Lea Holland

The Serenity trainers are amazing.

They have done and continue to do amazing work training our giant wolfhound to be a well mannered boy we can take anywhere and everywhere. We constantly get compliments from strangers on his good behaviour.

Thanks Serenity team!

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- Cai Lin

We loved the puppy school classes so much!!!

We learned so many useful things that we’re currently practising at home and that have helped us so much on our day to day life...


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- Alejandra Guerrero


Serenity were the perfect fit, they have provided me with so much guidance and Evie has benefited immensely.

Their method is very effective, gentle and positive-reward based training. Their training is not only for your dog but for you too.

My dog now listens to me and I don’t need to constantly feed her treats to do so.


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- Danielle Cooper

We have just completed 6 private sessions with Serenity to help us with our new rescue pup Luigi.

Fransis was amazing and taught us so much about control and both Luigi and our other pup Willow have responded so well to their training.

We have all learnt so much in such a kind and supportive environment and I simply cannot recommend Serenity enough.


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- Cindy Barker

Our group class Location

Parkhill Primary School
Parkhill Drive
Ashwood VIC 3147
Credit: Puppy Tales Photography. Melbourne's Premier Pet Photographer.

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